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Lower Back Pain

Severe Lower Back Pain – What You Should Know

As a practicing Chiropractor I have seen a good share of patients suffering from severe lower back pain. In fact, more than 1/3 of my practice is made up of patients who are seeking relief from either acute or chronic lower back pain. This isn’t surprising when you consider that recently studies suggest that more 80% of the American population with suffer from back pain at some time or another in their life. With back pain being such a prevelant problem in our society here are some things you need to know about severe lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Can Be Prevented in Many Cases

Like most other conditions and illnesses many patients suffering from Lower Back Pain could have prevented this pain from ever occuring. Severe Lower Back Pain has many causes including poor posture, stress, sitting for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, and failing to exercise to keep back muscles supple and strong. Working to prevent strain on your back muscles and including back strengthening exercise as part of your daily routine can help prevent you from suffering from lower back pain, or can prevent you from suffering from reoccuring back problems related to any of these causes.

Practicing good posture and taking a break and walking around for a few minutes, when you have to spend long hours working at a desk or keyboard will help to keep your back muscles from tightening. Tightened back muscles is one of the leading causes of muscle stain or even sprains and can result in your suffering for weeks or months with severe back pain.

Don’t Think That Pain Will Just Go Away On It’s Own

I’ve had many patients who walked into my office, after suffering from severe back pain for several weeks and in some cases several months. They finally came in when the pain became unbearable. When I asked them why they waited they all say the same thing, they thought it would just go away on it’s own. Pain is our bodies is it’s way of telling us something is wrong. Ignoring the pain may in some cases make your condition worse and make treating your back pain more difficult. There is a huge difference between feeling a little twinge and feeling a sharp or severe back pain, and checking out that painful back as quickly as possible is your best chance for a full and quick recovery.

Get The Correct Diagnosis and Treatment For you Back Pain

There are many different causes of back pain. In most cases back pain is due to accidents or sports or work related injuries. However, if you have back pain and know that you haven’t done anything that could have injured your back, that pain could be do to a number of different causes including:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Disease of the spine
  • Sciatica
  • Tumors
  • Arthritis
  • or a number of other causes

Before I or any other Chiropractor or Medical doctor can treat that back pain we need to determine the cause and then discuss with you the best approach to treatment.

Once a Person Experiences Severe Lower Back Pain They are more Likely to Have Additional Back Problems.

Once you injure or strain your back, the muscles in that area become weakened. Since daily living requires you to use your back in numberous ways, the muscles often don’t have the time to heal easily. While exercise and other treatments can help to heal those strained or sprained muscles, or help you recover from an injury. It is more likely that this weakened area will be susceptible to further injury down the road. Most people who suffer back problems, suffer from additional back problems at some other point in their lives and sometimes through out their lives, so learning how to mimimize the risk of future lower back injuries is important.

Not All Back Pain is Curable

Sadly, not all lower back pain can be cured. Many patient come into my office, expecting some magic lower back pain remedy only to find that treating that back pain can be a long drawn out process and in some cases, that back pain simply can’t be permanently cured. The good news is, that even if the cause of your pain can’t be cured, it is treatable. In fact, in order to reduce and relieve back pain doctors use a variety of treatment options. Some of these options include:

  • Muscle strengthening exercises
  • Chiropractic spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments
  • Physical therapy to strengthen both your core and back muscles to relieve some of the pain and provide more support for the affected area.
  • Hot and cold compacts to reduce inflammation and ease pain without prescription medication
  • Use of an inversion table to stretch out your spine and take pressure off affected nerve roots
  • Diet for those who are over weight to help reduce pressure on the lower back area
  • Stretching exercises to help loosen tight muscles and prevent further stress or injury to the back.
  • Pain relieving medications and muscle relaxants
  • In the most severe cases, surgery may have to be considered

There is No Medical Professional that Can Effectively Treat Every Source of Back Pain

Some of my patients are confused when, after reviewing their medical history, and performing their exam and a few diagnostic tests, I recommend that they seek the services of a Medical doctor that specializes in back problems (Orthopedic specialist). It isn’t that I don’t want to treat these patients, it is simply that their back problems are caused by conditions that are better treated by another professional. If I have a patient whose severe back pain is caused by a tumor or a bacterial infection, I want them to be treated by a professional who has special skills dealing with those types of issues.

Likewise, I have patients who have come to me, after months and even years of seeing a traditional medical doctor and finding little relief for their pain. By offering different treatment options to them, these patients have been able to manage their pain and find relief, and go on to live more productive lives.

If you seek treatment for that severe or sharp lower back pain, start with the least invasive, most natural treatment first… chiropractic care. Chiropractic philosophy is to assist the body to heal itself, where possible and applicable. If your Chiropractic professional discovers that your particualar condition would best respond to care provided by a medical or orthopedic doctor, a referral will be provided.

Sever back pain shouldn’t be ignored, and it would be our priviledge to assist you. Please consider calling our office at 615-355-6186 to schedule a diagnostic appointment.


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