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Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic Emblem - Chiropractor Smyrna TNThe Philosophy of Chiropractic differs dramatically from a Medical Philosophy of health. Medical Philosophy is based on MECHANISM. This philosophy of health views the body as a one-dimensional, linear machine where the WHOLE equals the SUM of its PARTS. This basically means that in a diseased state, medicine prescribes an organ specific drug or transplants a new part to keep the system ‘working’. This approach to health is termed an OUTSIDE-IN approach where external factors such as drugs and surgery are used to effect a change on the inside of the body.

The problem with a medical philosophy to HEALTH is that it deals with sickness care or crisis care and NOT wellness care or true health care. When we apply a medical approach to staying well, medicine is not as effective as other means. The side effects of drugs and surgery are some of the leading causes of death in the world today. Prescription medications are simply not safe.

Chiropractic Philosophy is based on VITALISM. A vitalistic philosophy views the body as a multi-dimensional organism controlled by an internal life-force or energy, where the WHOLE is GREATER than the SUM of its PARTS. This life-force flows via the nervous system to every cell, tissue and organ, instructing them what to do & how to respond to external forces. Since we self-heal and self-regulate, blockage to the nervous system by way of subluxation (skeletal misalignments that impair nerve flow and causes sub-optimal body function), results in eventual poor health &/or disease.

This approach to health is termed an INSIDE-OUT approach where the body is stimulated by an adjustment to correct itself naturally. Chiropractic neither removes or adds anything to the body; it only stimulates self-healing. Chiropractic is remarkably SAFE; anywhere from 100 to 1000 times safer than any drug including everyday pain “maskers” such as aspirin, acetaminophen & ibuprofen.

Your Chiropractor in Smyrna TN, Dr. Rory J Beel, of Beel Chiropractic Center, Provides holistic, inside-out healing by gently aligning your skeletal structure, eliminating subluxations, allowing your body to restore itself to true health. Why not decide today to enjoy true health… call Dr Beel at Beel Chiropractic today… 615-355-6186.

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