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Chiropractic Adjustment Defined

Chiropractor Smyrna TN - Adjustment techniqueBeel Chiropractic Center uses a hands-on approach to natural healing. Their techniques do not involve treatment using drugs and surgery, since chiropractors believe these modes of therapy to be more invasive and less natural to the body. Drugs often times cause a myriad of side effects, kill hundreds of thousands of people annually and typically do not cure the source of the health problem; but merely mask it. Dr Beel treats the nervous system by removing subluxations which cause nerve interference, resulting in poor health over time.

Our doctors of chiropractic use their hands and some instruments to perform an adjustment. The adjustment involves a gentle, quick movement directed at the subluxation to move it into the correct position. This immediately removes the subluxation and the interference to the nerve, but often times doesn’t immediately stop the pain symptoms. Why? Subluxations, if left alone over time will lead to degeneration. A course of regular adjustments is necessary, just like regular exercise & proper diet are necessary to correct an overweight condition. Getting you healthy takes time. Many patients come to the chiropractor after having many subluxations left uncorrected for many years. It took time to get into poor skeletal alignment; as a result, it takes time to correct it and get healthy.

When choosing a Chiropractor in Smyrna TN, seek out experience & technical skills of course, but just as important, find a chiropractor that still has the compassion & empathy required to fully understand your unique situation. Dr RJ Beel at Beel Chiropractic Center will meet your phyical AND emotional needs. To find lasting relief from your pain symptoms, call Beel Chiropractic Center today at 615-355-6186.

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